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Bleach Reborn

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    A lone strole, and a story begins [OPEN]

    Shiro Kuchiki
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    A lone strole, and a story begins [OPEN] - Page 2 Empty Re: A lone strole, and a story begins [OPEN]

    Post  Shiro Kuchiki on Fri Apr 10, 2009 2:27 pm

    OOC: if you did not read hes NOT a captain but (understatement) a mere higher officer or guardian (we changed that since a captain would be too strong) (oh and the flute neliel, i planned it only for Ulquiorra but thats fine too)

    IC: seeing so many fellow comrades fall would make most enemies terrified but Jirou kept his calm thats some strong words from a kid (he replied to ryuumaru) hmph it does not matter how many you strike down i can handle you all alonehe sheathed his sword and then he pulled his sword behind his back just in time to block the Sonic blast attack, he was obviously arrogant which was not rare within soul society, he then slashed at Laurus while still standing in the same place, he had not moved since he stepped in trough the portal.

    His calm and quiet appearence did not flicker you really are a silly female arrancar he pointed his sword at her i will finish you in 5 minutes... that is all he face turned more serious than before and put his hand on the Zanpakto what a pity... seems like there is no point for words anymore ... he pulled his arm along the sword and cut his finger a bit dropping some blood onto the blade that made it shine cry out... "Stain" the sword started to change its form, it swept along the curves of the blade and several thorns came out of the blade it dripped with a violet like substance from the tip of the blade, the blade merged with Jirou along the arm and several more thorns grew out of his shoulder, his face lied in shadows. this is only justice, you betrayed us and yet you claim you dont? you work with these filthy beasts (arrancars)

    i think that alone is proof enough the blade hardened around his arm and shoulder and turned black, with the transformation done he flash stepped towards Neliel with a backslash and an uppercut, however there was still things to be seen, this was not all of the shikai abilities.

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