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    High-Level Kidou(Vice-captain, Captain, Captain Commander)

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    High-Level Kidou(Vice-captain, Captain, Captain Commander) Empty High-Level Kidou(Vice-captain, Captain, Captain Commander)

    Post  Shihoin Yoruichi on Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:41 pm

    Chiyudo 61 ~ Major Poison Cure
    Cost: 300 Sp
    This is a high level chiyudo the medical shinigami learns. It utilizes the water element to cleanse the body and wash out foreign toxins. All poisons are cured but it can exhaust the user if used too many times.

    Chiyudo 83 ~ Healing fountain
    Cost: 500 Sp
    A veil of what can only be described as water floats down to cover the area, in this area all wounds are healed, all poisons are eradicated and everything is enriched with a new sense of energy

    Hadou 90 ~ Kurohitsugi - Black coffin(Captains and Captain Commander only, no vice captains or anyone lower)
    Cost: Half of the opponents current SP power.
    This is a forbidden hadou that only captain level shinigami know about. It is of a very dark nature and restricted to the rank of captain. Even fewer attempt to learn it as is very powerful and even harder to use. It uses reiatsu to surround an opponent in a black box of energy that squeezes down upon them.

    Bakudo 77 ~ Tenteikuura
    Cost: 400 Sp for each Arrancar in the area.
    This bakudo is made for a specialized usage of blocking off the gateways to Seireitei or Hueco Mundo. Travel to such areas involves opening up spiritual gateways as pathways of entry. Tenteikuura closes these gateways by force and is known by both area groups. Only those who have studied the gateways in depth are able to re-open the gateways despite Tenteikuura. Its physical appearance is a square within a square in front of the user's open palm.

    Bakudo 81 ~ Dankuu (Rejection void)
    Cost: Half of the SP of the attack it is defending against.
    This bakudo is made for the specialized use of blocking kidou and kidou-similar techniques. It just a tall, wide, clear wall that is formed in front of the user's hand. Any kidou directed at it will hit it and have absolutely no effect, the only Exception to this rule is the Gran Rey Cero. May be used every 4 posts.

    Bakudo 99 ~ Kin (Gold)
    Cost: Half of the opponents current SP
    This bakudo is the highest known bakudo to shinigami that do not belong in the Royal Guard. Extreme caution must be used while casting this bakudo since it tires out the user very fast when repeatedly used. In appearance, it forms two perpendicular lines that stretch a long distance. Then the point both lines meet is always under the target (regardless of ground or mid-air). They will have their body restrained down to the highest solid surface below them. If the kidou works, this requires the victim to use the same amount of Sp the user had to give up on the technique in order to break free from this. Can only be effective if the target has less than 25% of the users SP.


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