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    Entering Las Noches

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    Entering Las Noches Empty Entering Las Noches

    Post  Nelliel Tu on Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:22 pm

    Nell was getting closer to Las Noches right about now.How did she know that?easy.The big white dome was visible for awhile now and it seemed to get closer but she knew better that it could be an illusion that Aizen must've set up.She stopped in her tracks as the wind blew,making her hair dace in the wind Pesche,Dondonchakka and Bawabawa...why are you following me? the said three stopped in their tracks,scared of what the ex-Tercera could do to them.She turned her body towards them and stared at them with a blank look.

    A-Ah!N-Nell so you finally noticed us,huh? Nell let out one of those rare little smiles and chuckled I knew you were following me the whole time,my dear Pesche Pesche frozed and and hid behind Dondonchakka,who was also quivering Y-Your not gonna hurt us,will you? No was her reply.She turned her head towards the dome that was looking over the the dark sky.If you want to follow,follow but I suggest that you hide Bawabawa,Dondonchakka the tiki fracción nodded quickly but Bawabawa was slightly grunting,as if saying no.

    C'mon,let's get you back inside Nell never knew how he did that but right now that didn't matter.Since the two of you can use Sonido,I suggest you keep up both of them nodded and Nell started sonidoing towards the dome faster,while her fracciones not too far behind.

    It took them at least a few minutes to reach Las Noches.Nell put her hand on the white wall and looked up.She remembered slightly about this place.Immediately Nell glanced around the area,seeing and sensing no one around but then something caught her eyes as the fracciones were right behind her now.It was a hole that was under the sand and it seemed to lead to the inside of Las Noches.Let's go through here...but be quiet Nell lead them through the hole and was the last one to go in,but first she made sure that the sand would cover the entrance.After that was done she hurried towards her fracciones and proceeded on deeper into the hear of Las Noches,or so they thought.

    The hall that they were now in looked to be old.It had cobwebs,you also couldn't see very well unless you stay for a short while and then you get accustomed to the dark.Guys,I can't see very well... Pesche was holding onto Dondonchakka while Dondonchakka himself was scared.Nell,on the other hand didn't shiver nor did she look scared.She just kept walking in this dark hall until they thought they saw a light.Both of the fracciones felt relived and went to the light before Nell.She followed them,slowly thought.She didn't sense any enemy around so they should be safe,but you should never count Aizen out for having planned Las Noches so well.In fact,there could be traps where they were.

    Nell closed her eyes slightly as she came out of the dark hall and into a white hall.Her eyes searched the room.Dead..end? no way it couldn't be.The ceiling of the hall was close to them which sparked Nell's curiosity.I should check the ceiling... but she couldn't ask her fracciones in this form,to carry her up there.She closed her eyes and a poof of smoke surrounded her.Pesche and Dondonchakka looked at the now little privaron who was looking at the ceiling and pointing at it.Nell wants you to take her to that ceiling! both of the fracciones looked at each other but then shrugged and Dondonchakka picked Pesche up and put him in his shoulder,while Pesche had Nell in his arms and extended her to the ceiling.

    Yay! I can reach it she was shocked that the ceiling,well one of it's tiles moved a little.Nell tried moving it a bit more to get a clear view of what was up there.It was a room.Her big innocent eyes glanced around the room and saw two people in a conversation Reina! she found him,finally!and the other person was a young girl who struck Nell's curiosity Nell needs help here! she couldn't hold the tile that was much larger than her for long.

    >>>>>>>>>>Exit from Entering Las Noches.Goes to Yuki's room>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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