Bleach Reborn

Bleach Reborn

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    Ready! Set! don't get caught!

    Shiro Kuchiki
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    Re: Ready! Set! don't get caught!

    Post  Shiro Kuchiki on Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:14 pm

    Shiro crossed his arms and relaxed his shoulders from being too stiff, while still facing the landscape trough the hole Ulquiorra had made earlier, he listened closeley to everyone, he listened to tamaki whom told him to not compare himself to his brother, but he agreed with her on the fact that they would have to bring back yuki and fast they didnt have much time and there was a lot to be done... he could feel her comforting hand along his shoulder that made him slightly more at ease... but he didnt show it...

    He responded to Takashi .... .... indeed but we seem to have difficult times ahead of us, so i think this is as close as it gets to friendly meetings

    Shiro eyed Urahara from the corner of his eyes, he didnt like the guy that much his attitude was... not very trustworthy but he was the best chance for him and the rest of them to get stronger, shiro gave a signal to Tamaki to follow as he jumped out trough the hole in the wall following Urahara to the shop...
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    Re: Ready! Set! don't get caught!

    Post  Val on Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:08 am

    Val nodded along what Tamaki said. Her voice alittle shaky. "Yes, lets do it" she force a small smile on her face, though it took alot of effort to pull off.
    She stare at the mans disapearance route, as he jumps out of the window. It had seemed pretty far fetched but at least they had someone to train them. Maybe.
    Wait ... this means actually doing what someone says. She turn to look at the others around her. It was time to be strong again or at least fein it.

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